Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Round, Cut, Eat, Sleep

Alarm slap at 4:45, got 20 miutes to get ready. It starts with a cold bike ride through the dark park, and suddenly I have coffee and Ins & outs. The parade of patients then flies by, soon back in the OR and the ritual scrub in begins. Inside the abdomen now, presurized camera port view - like a reverse submarine periscope. Hiding spleen and adherant umbilicus, don't forget the internal hernias. We're out and grabbing an Oxygen tank, wake up - you did well, well your GIT did, now it's up to a duel b/w your WBCs and disturbed microbes. Pass off at PACU, go grab something for $3.26 - surgery makes you hungry. But at the end of the day sometimes, you're more tired than hungry - wake up at midnight wiht the light on, turn it off - rinse and repeat.