Friday, March 5, 2010


Ever feel like you need to be in three places at once? As a med student, I often feel as though I could spend my entire time on one class - and there are usually three going at a time. I also have this habit of getting myself involved in multiple activities while in school or even when I was working in cubeland. At first I wanted to dedicate myself solely to my studies, but then I noticed I have something like 4 hours of free time per week and that just needed to be filled. Which I proceeded to do with research and most recently as a new Editor at AMSA's Global Pulse Journal. Global Pulse also has a blog, and a rather addictive twitter account, so apparently my electronic life needed to reflect my real life and be split into multiple pieces.

I truly enjoy involving myself in a myriad of activities and the different perspectives it gives me at any one task. I wonder how it will play into my medical career and what specialties engender this kind of a lifestyle...Anyone have insight into that?


Oh, FYI, Global Pulse is taking submissions year-round for check out the website and submit or feel free to ask me questions. We publish lighter research (not bench stuff, but comparative studies see the site), opinion pieces, book reviews, and reflections on experiences as well as art work... pretty diverse, and we want med students (and pre-meds! and public health folks!) to contribute so send in your stuff!